xSV%- Don’t Tell Me About Heart

Recently I read @DTMAboutHeart ‘s work on Expected vs. Observed Save % . The work revolves around determining what a goalie’s save % can be expected to be by accounting for player shooting talent during 5v5 play.

xSv% is the result of subtraction of Actual Sv% from Expected Sv%. This is how much the goalie deviated from the Expected Sv%, positively or negatively.  Similarly, xGSAA is the number of goals the goalie prevented or allowed in relation to what was expected.

I wanted to find a way to visualize this, so I put together another viz workbook on .

The first tab displays every goalie for a particular season, sorted left to right by xGSAA.  The black lines indicate the Expected Save %, and the colored bars indicate the goalie’s Actual Save %.

The second tab shows how goalies fared in xGSAA across their careers. The stacked bars are made up of each season of a particular goalie. Tall bars indicate that the goalie made a significant impact in that season.  The bars are colored by xSv%.

The third tab shows each year of a goalie’s career. Again, the black line indicates the Expected Save %, and the bar indicates the Actual Sv%. The color of the bar is determined by the xGSAA for that year.

Thanks to @DTMAboutHeart for putting this data together. I encourage everyone to read his posts .

Continuing the of posts using box and whisker plots,  I put together a viz on goalies. Be sure to read the if you aren’t familiar with how box and whisker plots work.

The first tab is a view of how a goalie compares to his peers in any given year (2005-2015). Each goalie is a dot in the plot. Select which goalie to highlight, then hit the “play” button to make the plot progress across the years. This works well when the highlighted goalie has played for a few years (think Brodeur and Luongo).

(Note: if you highlight a goalie and the slider is on a year he did not play, the line will not show up. Back up the slider until the line shows up again. Likewise if you select a goalie with the slider in a year before the goalie began his career.)

The second viz allows you to compare goalies using the Sv% of your choice.  You can enter in as many goalies as you wish, but it may get messy after 5 or so.  The lines are sized by how many shots the goalie faced that year.

Data from War-On-Ice.com