5 Player Units

Recently, @DTMAboutHeart did some excellent work scraping the NHL play by play files to compile a list of all the 5 player units that played at least 10 5v5 minutes together since 2007-2008. This data can give us insights into which players are involved in the most (or least) successful 5 player units.

The first dashboard allows you to search for a player name among the 5 in a unit. Patrice Bergeron, for example, has been part of some pretty fantastic units.

Player Search The next dashboard is similar, but focuses on total 5 player units for a specific team. This gives an overview of how coaches construct their lines.

Team Search

The next dashboard shows how the 5 player units that a player has been involved in are distributed in terms of Corsi For %.  Unsurprisingly, Bergeron’s units have come out on top more often than not.

Player Corsi Histogram The last dashboard shows how a player’s units are distributed in terms of Goals For %.  As illustrated, Chara’s units score most of the goals when on the ice together.
Player Goals Histogram