Goaltender Post-Seasons: A Historical View

In episode 8 of the Garage League Podcast , Andy and Lyle dredged up long-repressed memories of the 2011-12 Penguins-Flyers series (they also had an intelligent conversation with Bob Roberts ).

That series was memorable for a couple reasons ( ), but they also brought up an interesting piece of trivia: Marc-Andre Fleury’s 83.4% save percentage was the worst save percentage for a goalie with at least 5 games played in a playoff year.

2011-12 was probably the peak year of this generation of Penguins. That year, the team was 55.4% Fenwick , #1 in Fenwick For/60, and #4 in Fenwick Against/60.  Unfortunately, the goaltending unraveled what could have been a great playoff run.

Using data from Hockey-Reference, I put together an interactive viz on how goalies have performed in the playoffs since 1983-84 (as far back as we have save % data). Find your own heroes and scapegoats using the search bar (and be sure to look at the second tab to search by team).