AHL Fancystats

Recently I talked to , who’s doing really interesting work estimating fancystats for the AHL.  As we all know, the AHL doesn’t publish play-by-play data that the fancystats wizards at , war-on-ice , and Stats.HockeyAnalysis can use.

Josh was so kind as to share the data he has generated with me.  Because of the way the AHL publishes its data, we only have all-situation statistics to work with (as opposed to the farm-raised, cage-free score-adjusted 5v5 stuff we get from the NHL).  So, keep in mind that we can’t draw the same narrative-busting conclusions like we do with NHL data. These are just general trends, but it’s better than nothing.

(click the images to get the full interactive page)

The takeaway I get from this is that John Hynes runs a real tight defensive ship in WBS. This confirms a lot of what we hear about that club from the media.  While I would guess that WBS usually doesn’t appear at the top of the Shots For category every year, they have been hit hard by call-ups to the NHL this year ( @nafsnep at chirpsfromcenterice.com is my go-to WBS Penguins/I-80 traffic blogger).

Like the possession chart, the PDO data is clouded by the lack of pure 5v5 information.  However, it’s probably reasonable to assume that Norfolk is on the unlucky side of the die, and Oklahoma is getting all the bounces.

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