Changes Part II: Players

*All metrics below are 5v5 score-adjusted*

Following my last post, I wanted to take a look at how the coaching change in Pittsburgh impacted individual players.

First, let’s look at shot generation: Forwards.corsi.for The first line of Kunitz-Crosby-Hornqvist is the biggest beneficiary of the coaching change. The second line increased slightly, while the rest of the players experienced middling results.

Defense.corsi.for The defense experienced improvement across the board, Letang most significantly.

The forwards experienced similar positive changes in scoring chance generation.

Forwards.chances.for The defense followed the same path.

Defense.chances.for In terms of individual shot generation, Patric Hornqvist experienced the largest increase among forwards.

Forwards.iCF60 The second pairing of Dumoulin-Lovejoy increased their individual shot generation the most.

Defense.iCF60 The changes in individual scoring chances followed the same pattern. Again, Hornqvist improved the most.



Now, let’s review shot and scoring chance suppression.

Most of the forwards had a distinct drop in shots against.


The defense also improved in shot suppression.


In scoring chances against, the same general pattern held for the forwards and defense. Curiously, Kunitz is the only member of the first line to have an increase in scoring chances against.

Forwards.chances.against Defense:


Finally, let’s look at primary point production.

Crosby is the obvious standout here. I wouldn’t read too much into the other results because players go into slumps all the time for reasons we aren’t privy to.

Forwards.PP60 Letang is the other standout in point production. Again, I wouldn’t read into the other players too heavily.


The main takeaway here is that Sullivan’s system is designed to let the top players be top players. Crosby, Malkin, and Letang are driving play at a much improved rate. Crosby’s current point streak indicates that his slump at the beginning of the year is over with. More importantly (for some), Sullivan’s Penguins are a lot more fun to watch.

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